Saturday, January 24, 2015

Postcard mission - UNCLEAR :(

hahaha, hello guys, it has been a long time i didnt write this blog.
I wish you guys still stay healthy as always... :)
so, postcard mission was a mission that i wanted to do it, but failed because I couldn't find the post-stamp.
It was so hard to fin post-stamp, remember that letters and that kind of things already lose to electronical messages.
but I love the feel to send some letters through bus-mail. :)

so, these are the post-cards. I got them from my school, i picked them hahaahah. but they were a nice post-cards.

so, on July, i'll go back to indonesia and send these postcards.

wait ya teman teman <3 hehehe...
love, Osa.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Feel the Culture of SOLO

Solo or Surakarta is a town in Central Java. 
I've already gone to Solo for few times and never get bored to feel the deep Javanese culture and taste the delicious foods from this city.

so this time, I went to Solo and took a night in Sahid Jaya Solo Hotel, it was 5-stars hotel but with non-5stars hotel's price.

Welcome to the room :)
This is mine and my sister's room... :D

It is a nice room, right ?? Love the painting on the wall ( wayang - indonesian traditional puppet from animals skin )

a big mirror right in front of the bathroom and right next to the enter door. :D 
and finally come back to my FUJIFILM HS3S Finepix camera <3 YEAY !

Here are some photos of Sahid Jaya Hotel :3

I love the colours and the shape of these flowers <3

This is the building. It is a traditional culture hotel, that's why I like it <3

The hotel is glowing at night :3
night photos 

The hotel's entrance,

These are my parents and my sister :D
meet her : carissanema

I don't know what is this area for, But I think this looks like Gundam-fanclub zone hahaha. Based on what its looks.

christmas decorations

the room's light at night... :3
it was so comfy to sleep there.

THE HAPPIEST Moment from sleeping at Hotel is the breakfast. I loveeeeeee breakfast hotel hehehe...
they are making omelletes and fried-eggs.
ajeng ratih restaurants..

my sister took photo of herself and the camera. hahaha

at the evening, we went to solo paragon mall..
and here are some photos that i took while in solo paragon mall

kedai arum sari is selling traditional jamu drinks.
aaaaa I was so happy because it has been a super long time for me not drink this traditional drink.

 jele <3
yummy pudding,
i dont know what is the special from this pudding but I love the taste :3 a ! they have low-fat choice lhoo...

toko roti dan oleh oleh ORION yg sangat bersejarah
historical bakery of SOLO - ORION

and then we head back to Semarang.. hahaha
good bye solo,

(sebenarnya aku pingin nge share lbh banyak lg, termasuk gudeg ceker yg enak banget ituuu :3 di solo, tp karna terlalu nikmat makan, aku jd lupa moto gudeg ceker nya hehehehe.)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Best Cookies in Town - Mrs. Higgins cookies

    Ohhhhh I really can't stand with this cookies.
you can smell this cookie fresh from the oven, even from far few steps before you reached the store.
They have so many variations of flavours, and my favourite one is the one with macadamia and almond. I love nuts. :)

I think this cookies is the best cookies I've ever ate. I love this cookies so much. So you guys, If you go to Auckland city, don't forget to catch this store on Queen Street. It is a small store but I am sure you can smell the cookies. 
    I loooooveeee this so much.

I already bought this cookies twice.
First, my houseparent bought it for me and I tried one, I was so in love and bought again on the next day. 2 cookies !! :)
much more you buy, the price will become lesser... :)
CHECK THEIR WEBSITE : Mrs. Higgins Cookies

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Well, First Impression !

 So, here it is. hahahaha. My first impression about Auckland.
I've arrived on 4th September, and picked up by my Indonesian Host family. <3
I took 10 hours flight exclude transfer service from Jakarta to Auckland. wow ! hahaha. I was so glad because, when I was in Jkt-Syd's flight, there were no people sit next to me. So I had the rest of the chair which were next to me. 

This photo is my first selfie. hahaha. actually, I want to fullfill one of my friend's wish. His wish was for took a picture whenever I arrived at Auckland Airport while wearing this RED SWEATER.
But, so sorry, I forgot his wish. So, I think I will change the place to my shool ya ! hahaha.

( forgive my fat look because the sweater. )

How did I feel when leaving my hometown and saying goodbye to my parents and my sister ? well. I released so much tears. It was so hard for me to leave them especially my father. hahaha.
Yes ! absolutely true !
I wish all the best for my parents. :) wait for my comeback and I will make you both proud <3

I think, Auckland isn't one kind of big city. It is a not-so-big city. hahaha. I could reach a lot of places in Central city by walking. I don't know is it the country which is not big or the central city which is too small ? hahahaha.
and. I got out from house and tried to catch bus in Sunday to go to Church ! St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. It has the same ceremony as my church in Semarang. I like this church moreover it has Indonesian Service at noon. I wish I can be one of their piano player. hahahaha. O ya ! I met some Indonesian young adults in church. We tried to know each other. Most of them, almost forget their hometown country's language. hahahha. ah ! I met fiona. She is older than me 1 year but she is so much cuter than me. She is so kind. you know what, she gave me a banana cupcake and said " I want to a great chef one day. that's why I moved here "
Thank you Fiona ! I like it. haaahahaha. Beside gave me that, she also told me where was the bus stop. " Here is the bus stop to go to your home. You should catch bus number 258 and it will stop at BlockHouse bay, your area "
oh, thank you so much. hahahaha.

and. hmmmm I guess you guys want to know about Auckland city. hahahaha here are somr photos and I apologize for some unclear photos :( I captured them while walking and reading google maps. ahhahhaa. 

Vulcan Lane

the bus :D
I quite upset with the price. hahahha. 5 dollar one way. Are you crazy ?hahahaha. so you mean 10 dolar for return ? hahaha.

oh ! on monday, I went to my school and checked out the atmosphere. well, nobody looks like me. maybe I am the only strangers and weirdo for them. hahahaa. I accept that. :D
This is my great and super good hahahaha school !!!!!!!
I hope I can be a profesional one after this. hahahah
Media Design School :)please be awesome for me yah !
I wait you .... !!

So... I will write again next time.
I miss my parents, my sister, all of my friends.
please be healthy always and wait for me ya.