Thursday, November 20, 2014

Best Cookies in Town - Mrs. Higgins cookies

    Ohhhhh I really can't stand with this cookies.
you can smell this cookie fresh from the oven, even from far few steps before you reached the store.
They have so many variations of flavours, and my favourite one is the one with macadamia and almond. I love nuts. :)

I think this cookies is the best cookies I've ever ate. I love this cookies so much. So you guys, If you go to Auckland city, don't forget to catch this store on Queen Street. It is a small store but I am sure you can smell the cookies. 
    I loooooveeee this so much.

I already bought this cookies twice.
First, my houseparent bought it for me and I tried one, I was so in love and bought again on the next day. 2 cookies !! :)
much more you buy, the price will become lesser... :)
CHECK THEIR WEBSITE : Mrs. Higgins Cookies

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Well, First Impression !

 So, here it is. hahahaha. My first impression about Auckland.
I've arrived on 4th September, and picked up by my Indonesian Host family. <3
I took 10 hours flight exclude transfer service from Jakarta to Auckland. wow ! hahaha. I was so glad because, when I was in Jkt-Syd's flight, there were no people sit next to me. So I had the rest of the chair which were next to me. 

This photo is my first selfie. hahaha. actually, I want to fullfill one of my friend's wish. His wish was for took a picture whenever I arrived at Auckland Airport while wearing this RED SWEATER.
But, so sorry, I forgot his wish. So, I think I will change the place to my shool ya ! hahaha.

( forgive my fat look because the sweater. )

How did I feel when leaving my hometown and saying goodbye to my parents and my sister ? well. I released so much tears. It was so hard for me to leave them especially my father. hahaha.
Yes ! absolutely true !
I wish all the best for my parents. :) wait for my comeback and I will make you both proud <3

I think, Auckland isn't one kind of big city. It is a not-so-big city. hahaha. I could reach a lot of places in Central city by walking. I don't know is it the country which is not big or the central city which is too small ? hahahaha.
and. I got out from house and tried to catch bus in Sunday to go to Church ! St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. It has the same ceremony as my church in Semarang. I like this church moreover it has Indonesian Service at noon. I wish I can be one of their piano player. hahahaha. O ya ! I met some Indonesian young adults in church. We tried to know each other. Most of them, almost forget their hometown country's language. hahahha. ah ! I met fiona. She is older than me 1 year but she is so much cuter than me. She is so kind. you know what, she gave me a banana cupcake and said " I want to a great chef one day. that's why I moved here "
Thank you Fiona ! I like it. haaahahaha. Beside gave me that, she also told me where was the bus stop. " Here is the bus stop to go to your home. You should catch bus number 258 and it will stop at BlockHouse bay, your area "
oh, thank you so much. hahahaha.

and. hmmmm I guess you guys want to know about Auckland city. hahahaha here are somr photos and I apologize for some unclear photos :( I captured them while walking and reading google maps. ahhahhaa. 

Vulcan Lane

the bus :D
I quite upset with the price. hahahha. 5 dollar one way. Are you crazy ?hahahaha. so you mean 10 dolar for return ? hahaha.

oh ! on monday, I went to my school and checked out the atmosphere. well, nobody looks like me. maybe I am the only strangers and weirdo for them. hahahaa. I accept that. :D
This is my great and super good hahahaha school !!!!!!!
I hope I can be a profesional one after this. hahahah
Media Design School :)please be awesome for me yah !
I wait you .... !!

So... I will write again next time.
I miss my parents, my sister, all of my friends.
please be healthy always and wait for me ya.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stoned because My Decision

Hello, everybody hahaha.

It has been a super hard month since I decieded to enter my College in New Zealand.
My parents always make me sure that every decision that I make, is the best for me, 
They never ask me to be someone as what they want, And I am so glad about this. OMG !! I am thankfull for my parents, and I will never ask they to be a better one.
I have the best parents in the world. 

So, actually yeah it is kind of sad that I should leave my parents and my hometown in Semarang. New Zealand is far from here and I will have A SUPER DUPER NEW LIFESTYLE and people in there. 

There's always time for living, Can we just do it again. One more time like it once was...Way Back When. You gave me something to believe in, We were the best of friends. Well I remember the good times...Way Back When. "

Just like the lyric above ( way back when - GRIZFOLK ), there's always time for living, even you will have 180degrees different from before.

So, I am going to New Zealand to reach my dream, and I will be back soon after I finished it. :)
So, for everybody who miss me, hahahahaha, while I am at there, you can skype me and LINE me everytime, and I am sure will reply all of you, whenever I have time. 

Actually, I'm still scared. so much than before, I don't know who I should meet at first arriving in Auckland, hahahaha. But I know that God always with me, and never let me alone. :) Thanks to my agent for introduced me with one of Indonesian people who living in NZ. I hope that I can rely her a little bit from now. :)
I will take my flight on September...

Everything gonna be fine :) I know that.... hehehee, goodnight everybody.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Complex Mind

Hello, Guys..
Indeed the fact, that I will be a college student, really make me feel scared..
I have some strange thoughts in my mind,
sometimes I feel like, " How about if I fail after graduate ?? "
           " How about if I make my parents disappointed ?? "
       " How if my IPK doesn't reach the maximum score that I can do ?? "

Have guys feel like, when you need something so bad and you already trust in it fully, but immediately, you doubt it ? Like you feel that what you choosed before is wrong...
I feel it now.
I believed that 3d Animation is my great choice over another choice. I want it so bad since 4 years ago.
I put lot of efforts to make it succes until know,
but, now, I am feeling scared. it feels like, how about if what I choosed before is wrong...
What can I do after this ??

all of this thoughts came because,
I start to process my apllication requirements in MEDIA DESIGN SCHOOL, which is in New Zealand..

Woahhh !! Liivng outside my country, Oh My God ! Even I never think about that before. Live alone in strange country, where you know nobody....
that is what currently make me scared.

I admit that my drawing skill is under average score. hahaha... I am bad at drawing, but I like colouring so much. I like to draw, yes I am, but until now, I am bad at it...
3d animation NEED drawing skill !!

I think, it is right, that I will be crazy in New Zealand.
Move to NZ, means, I will leave everyone and everything that I have in Indonesia,
Spent a lot of money in there,
and put a lot of effort to make it success !!
Oh my !! Study in NZ is my dream since I was child... I want it so much. But, I scared..

That is my strange thought. ahahaha..
I love cartoon I love animation....

Until know, I don't tell my friends about my moving..
Please hope that everything will be fine for me... :)

I'll try to make everyone not upset !! :)
because it's me, Calosa Nema.
I want to tell my parents that, I am Calosa Nema, I am your daughter who you can put your big hope in me.
Trust me, and everything gonna be okay..

And for me,
I can't do anything without God's help. I need Him so much...

So, I will give my further informations about it guys... :)
Stay tuned !

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Longest Holiday Ever !!

     Yeah... !! Hello everybody... :) it had been a really long time I didn't write anything here.. I miss blogging. hahaha. I miss to write some entries, even it is important or not.
Start from March - April this year, I prepared my national examination which decide my high school pass !
No time for internet, everyday I had a lot of homeworks, a lot of subjects to be learnt.
But.... YUHUUUUU... now I am Free !! Totally free !! After April - after my national examination finished, I get 4 months holiday until August, yeah, until I face my university life....
So happy, also... everyday, I kinda talk like Phineas and Ferb,
      " Ferb, what are we gonna do today ?? "

so... TODAY, I want to tell you about, huhmmm, what should I call.....
            " MY ACTIVITES - FROM APRIL UNTIL TODAY,  10 June, 2014 "

I prepared our school graduation video.... the process in making the video, were so Tirinngggggg for me... I couldn't get enough sleep or either rest, also... everyday I should went to my friend's house, Melinda to worked the video together....
I admit it, I am not a profesional editor, that' s why.... I need more time to learning about ADOBE PREMIERE. hahahah. But now, I think I am better.
you guys can watch the video, here...
Sorry for the language..

after my graduation day, I had enough sleep and rest finally... yeah... My dark cirlce was decreased... :)
I dont know what to do,
I called my friends with different days and asked them for having photoshoot with me.
Since my father gave me a new DSLR Fujifilm camera.
Thanks dad..
Here is my first photoshoot :

Model : Devina Hertanu Wijaya
she is my cousin...
Meet her on her Instagram !!
Location : at her house :3

And then my second photoshoot is also with her :)


Monday, March 10, 2014


Why I always feel that after school time is the best ?!
Well, School time is when we can learn a lot of educations about life, friendship, and others.
It doesn't mean that I dont like school, I like school, but after school is better. ahahhaa..
Well, I will face my national examination in April, And I feel like I am not ready at all....
Too much title to learn, But, fighting to my self !!


This is me at school :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello !! You know guys, actually.. first of all, I want to say " Deep condolence " for my Grandmother's brother who passed away 4 days ago.. I wish all the best for the family,
That's why I should go to Jakarta last weekend. I went to Jakarta for one night.
My hotel was so close with Taman Anggrek Mall, so I could relax and took some walk to that mall.

These photo were taken When I and my sister in the Aeroplane... :D

I bought this FREEZE ice cream at Taman Anggrek..

So, Freeze is an ice cream shop, you can create your ultimate ice cream, because your ice cream is made by order. They will make the ice cream after you order that... :) What flavour, what topping, everything starts from the beginning before your ice cream FREEZE !!
freeze using liquid nitrogen for make it freeze.
Freeze ice cream is a new innovative way of enjoying freshly made ice cream using liquid nitrogen at -196 C in front of you in one minute.
I bought it from 32.000 Rupiah, for a medium Cup. 
If you go to Taman Anggrek Mall, dont forget to buy this ice cream and register your self to
and you can get free upsize for freeze... !
Just collect the points every you buy it.. :)

I bought Planet POpcorn !!
I found this popcorn at malaysia 0 Berjaya times square before at Last Christmas Holiday... And I like it so much, So I bought it again at Taman Anggrek.. yippie !

I took dinner at PASTA de Waraku !!
Western Dish combined with Japanese Style... :*
Soooooo, Yummyyyyy ><
and the price... aaaaaa, You couldn't say that these are cheap, haha. for me quite expensive... :)
But worth with the portion... :)

That's all guys,,
haha.. Thank you... :)